Premium Encoding

Combining our proprietary technology with numerous advanced encoding algorithms that comply with the H.264 specifications, CloudNcode’s  Premium Encoding provides enhanced picture quality at greater bandwidth savings. This robust encoding technology is what powers our CloudNcode suite of products and services. Whether our video experts are enhancing your SD content in studio or the CloudNcode Platform is integrated into your media workflow, you will experience the same high quality results.


Multiple Simultaneous Outputs

Allows you to encode once and deliver multiple outputs over multiple devices.

Watch Folders

Placing your content in watch folders and setting the encoding parameters allows you to automatically encode batches easily and efficiently.

Encoding Preview

The encoding preview feature takes a short clip from your uploaded content and encodes it to your specified parameters and allows you to see what your content will look like before committing to a encode job. With an extensive list of settings, this feature ensures you have selected the correct custom settings for your specific content.


Choose your encoding parameters from among our extensive list of custom settings or take the guess work out by selecting presets. Our presets are compiled by our video experts and take the guess work out of selecting the right encoding parameters for your specific needs.

Error Reporting 

Before starting an encoding task, the CloudNcode platform scans the media file and is able to intelligently detect any potential errors that would cause the task to fail and flags them. This means no wasted time or money on incomplete tasks.

Chunk Parallel Processing 

The source video is divided into specific segments and distributed across multiple instances to enable parallel transcoding and minimize time.

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