What we Believe

At CloudNcode Inc., We believe that Media content should be of pristine visual quality at the greatest bandwidth savings. We work diligently to deliver our best to our clients. With a clear mission of delivering better video at better bandwidth, CloudNcode uses only the best encoding technologies delivered through the convenience of the cloud and Private Access. CloudNcode is proud to offer superb upscaling technology that allows clients to upscale Standard Definition (SD) content to High Definition (HD) or higher and HD to 4K/UltraHD or higher.


Our Company

In 2013, An Encoding Software company, a Data Centre and a broadcast company came together with a vision to create a Public Cloud and Private Access Premium Encoding and scaling platform; The first of its kind. Together the three partnering companies deliver technology, infrastructure and experienced customer support.

Sigala Media Corporation of British Columbia, Canada brings their proprietary encoding software to CloudNcode. With over eight years of development and enhancement with a world class team of professional technicians, The Sigala Transerver delivers unmatched quality and bandwidth savings. The software is H.264/H.265 compliant making it accessible by almost all the devices on the market.

Cirrus9 of New Brunswick, Canada is committed to providing the combination of agility and cost effectiveness of Cloud Computing Infrastructure as a Service together with the expert assistance and peace of mind of Managed Hosting. With its alliances with Fiber connections across North America and Europe, Cirrus9 allows for reliable connection to our clients.

Access Digital Media of New Brunswick, Canada has proven excellence and innovation in the digital media field with a 20 year history of managing digital media assets, video encoding, and exemplary customer tech. support. Access Digital is a subsidiary of Magic Lantern Media, delivering quality content to all screens as they have evolved since 1975.


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